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Moscow the capital of Russia is one of the world’s great cities. Its name

was first mentioned in chronicles in 1147. Since that time M. has played

an important role in R-an history. Today M. isn’t only the political center

of R. but also the contry’s leading city in population, industry & in

cultural importrance. M. stands on the M.R. in the center of the vast plain

of E.R. The climate of M. is continental. Winters are long & dark with a

lot of snow. Spring is rather short & the temperature rises quickly during

late April. Summers are warm & July is the warmest month. Rainy days are

quite common but the summer rainfall often comes in heavy showers &

thunderstorms. Autumn like spring is brief with rapidly falling temp-s. M.

is the largest industrial center of R. The most important industries are

those producing automobiles & trucks, machine tools, radio & TV sets. M.

plants & factories also produce food, furniture, clothes & footwear. The

most important element in M’s city transport is the metro subway. The

system was begun in 1935 & is still developing. M. has numerouse theatres

headed by the B. theatre. I know such theatres as the M. art theatre, the

state central puppet theatre & the M. state circus. M. has some museums &

art galleries of international rank. Among them are the state Pushkin

museum of fine arts & the state Tretyakov Gallery with an exellent

collection of R.paintings.

|UK. The UK of Great Britain & Northen Island with an area of some 244sq.

miles is situated on the British Isles, which are separated from the

European continent by the North Sea, the Strait of Dover & the English

Channel. Britain’s population is over 56 million people. The territory of

Gr. Britain is small. Yet the country has a wide variety of scenery. The

capital of Gr. Britain London stands on the Thames which flows into the

North Sea. The Thames is the deepest & the most important river in Gr.

Britain but isn’t very long. The Severn, which flows into the Irish Sea, is

the longest British river. The climate of Gr. Britain is mild. The Atlantic

Ocean & the warm waters of the Gulf-Stream affects the weather of the

British Isles. The summers are usually cool rainy. There is much rain & fog

in autumn & in winter. The heart of Britain is England. It is the richest &

most populated in the country. The north & the E. are mountainous, but all

the rest of the territory is a vast plain. In northwest E there are many

beautiful lakes called Lake District. The smallest of Britain’s countries

is Wales. The large part of Wales is covered with rocky mountains, which

are difficult to climb. Scotland is a land of mountains, wild moorlands,

narrow valleys & plains, famous lakes & no end of large & small islands of

the coast. The highlands of Scotland are among the oldest mountains in the

world. The UK is a monarchy the head of the state is a king or a queen. In

fact the sovrin rings, but doesn’t rule. The UK is governed by the

Government. Parliament consists of 2 houses – The House of Lords & the

House of Commons. The members of the House of Commons are election every 5

years. The House of Commons is very important because it makes laws. The

members of The House of Lords are permanent. The House of Lords can delete

& change laws.

|London. The capital of Gr. Britain is London. It is an ancient city many

centures old. L. was built by the Romans many years ago. They built a town

on the river Thames. The name of the town was Londinium. In Roman times it

was a small town. In 1666 there was the Great Fire of L. After that people

built a new city. About 9 million people live in L. It is the seat of

government of the whole country. It is also the center of British cultural

life & famous for its places of interest. Trafalgar Square is a good

starting point for any tour of L. In the middle of the square is Nelson’s

column. This square is the place for all sorts of meetings &

demonstrations. On the north side of the square are the National Gallery &

the National Portrait Gallery. In the corner of Tr. Sq. stands the old &

well-known church of St. Martin-the-Fields. The most important parts of L.

are the City, the East End, the West End & Westminster. One of the most

beautiful sights in L. is Westminster Abbey. It is an outstanding example

of medieval architecture. Many English kings & queens are buried there. In

the south side is the Poets’ Corner where many of the greatest Eng. Writers

& scientists are buried. There are many monuments of great men here. Across

the road from Westminster Abbey is Westminster Palace the seat of British

parliament. At one end of the palace is Clock tower with the largest clock

called Big Ben in it & at the other end – the Victoria Tower. The oldest

part of L. is called the City, it isn’t very large but it is very

important, its financial & business center. 2 masterpieces are situated

within the City: St. Paul Cathedral & the Tower of L. The East End is the

poorest part & an industrial district of L. There are many factories &

large riverside docks there with the port of L. The West End is the richest

& most beautiful part of L. It is situated between the City & Hyde Park of

L. The West End is a symbol of wealth & luxury. | |

|Home. The place where |Sport. Almost everyone |Theatre is one of the |

|you live in is very |likes sports. Next to |most popular arts |

|important because if |the weather people |nowdays. There are many|

|you have a comfortable |probably talk more |different theatres in |

|flat or a house to your|about sports than about|our country, but the |

|taste you can relax |any other topic. There|most famous theatre is |

|there & forget about |is no doubt that sport |the Bolshoy Opera |

|your troubles, sitting |holds an important part|Theatre in M. It was |

|in a worm cosy armchair|in our life. It helps |founded in 1776. Many |

|with a cup of tea or |people to keep fit to |outstanding singers, |

|coffee. Some people |become stronger & |musicians take part on |

|have a house others |developed physically. |the performances. I’ll |

|have apartments. I |It makes them to be |never forget my first |

|would like to live in a|more organized quickens|visit to the B. |

|house. There’re 2 ways |our reactions & |Theatre. My friend & I |

|of having the dwelling:|sharpens our wits. If |wanted to see the |

|to buy an apartment or |you want to keep fit |famous ballet |

|to build an individual |you must do sports. To |Chelkunchik by |

|house. I think I’ll |my mind it must be an |Tchaikovsky. We knew |

|have enough money to |essential part of our |the plot very well. We |

|build my own house. |daily life. A person |also knew some pieces |

|There will be the door |must work to be skil |of music from this |

|on the west side it can|full in sports. Even if|ballet & decided to see|

|be half glass. & there |you do a set of morning|the whole performance. |

|will be a path from the|exercises every day |We bought the tickets |

|gate to the front door.|you’ll feel healthy & |in advance & come to |

|On the west side of the|cheerful for the rest |the theatre half an |

|house there‘ll be the |of the day. As for me I|hour before the show. |

|garage. What about the |fully support those |At 7 p.m. the |

|exterior of the house |parents who train their|performance began. From|

|there will be yellow |babies to swim from the|the very 1st minute I |

|bricks for the wall & |cradle. As a rule these|was deeply impressed by|

|red tiles for the roof.|babies grow sound & |everything I saw on the|

|Now I’d like to discuss|healthy. Almost any |stage. The acting was |

|the interior design. On|pleasant activity aimed|superb & exciting. The |

|the downstairs on the |at exercising the body |costumes were fine the |

|side facing the road |may be called a sport. |music was thrilling. |

|there’ll be the hall & |What a sport for one |The ballet seemed to me|

|kitchen. The living |person may be just hard|a fairy-tale. I had |

|room & dining room will|work for another. Many |never seen anything |

|be on the side facing |of us play such games |more wonderfull. My |

|the garden. I agree to |as volleyball football |friend also enjoyed |

|combine living room & |basketball or tennis. |every minute of it. |

|dining room. The |Athletics is the most |After the 1st act we |

|devision can be made by|popular sport. People |went to look over the |

|built-in book shelves |call it the queen of |theatre. We saw the |

|on the living room side|all sports. Great |boxes the pit, the |

|& cupboards & more |championships in sport,|dress-circle & the |

|shelves on the dining |which are organized |gallery. There were |

|room side. I like |every 4thyear are |many portraits of |

|built-in furniture. It |called the Olympic |famous opera-singers, |

|saves space & is |games. The last Olympic|ballet-dancers, |

|cheaper. Ofcourse, on |games were in 2002. My |musicians & producers |

|the there will be a |friends prefer |on the walls of the |

|cloak- room with wash |swimming, running, |foyer. We had |

|-basin in it & a |tennis. But as for me |disscussion about the |

|lavatory. What about |I’m found of volleyball|play & went to our |

|the upstairs there will|basketball. These games|seats again as it was |

|be 3 large bedrooms. |are very exciting & I |the bell for the 2nd |

|Each of them will have |always follow them on |act. When the curtain |

|a large closet so there|TV. I think our PT |fell at the end of the |

|is no need for separate|lessons do us a lot of |performance there came |

|wardrobes. There will |good. We often have |a storm of applause. It|

|be the bathroom & the |different competitions |seemed it would never |

|W.C. next to it. I |in different games such|end. The dancers |

|don’t want standard |as pioneer-ball |received call after |

|lamps so I’ve arranged |basketball volleyball. |call. They were |

|for indirect lighting. |Of all outdoor & indoor|presented with large |

|The cables will be |games I prefer |bouquets of flowers. We|

|built into the wall. |basketball tennis |also applauded |

|There will be also |hockey, but I’m also |enthusiastically. The |

|several power points at|interested in other |performance was a |

|the lower parts of the |sports. |success. |

|walls for appliances. | | |

|England. Gr. Britain is|Arts. Art is a part of |Hobbies. Almost all of |

|one of the most |culture. There are 3 |us have free time, but |

|beautiful countries in |kinds of art: visual |some people don’t. They|

|the world. Many |including painting, |are so busy that they |

|tourists come over |sculpture & |can’t let relax |

|especially look at the |arhitecture, |themselves. & that is |

|pictures landscape. |audio-visual including |the problem. On the |

|Highlands turn into |theatre, opera, cinema |contrary some people |

|lowlands. Forests & |& audible, which |have a lot of free time|

|hills turn into meadows|consists of music & |& they don’t know how |

|& plains very quickly. |literature. But we |to spend it. Also there|

|There are many deep |don’t know, which of |is a problem of choose |

|valleys rivers & |the arts is the oldest.|: where to go & what to|

|waterfalls, hills & |We know that cave men |do. How do young people|

|mountains. England |drew on the walls of |spend their free time. |

|occupies the largest |their caves. They |Most prefer going to |

|part of the island of |carved handles of & |the clubs & cafes. A |

|Gr. Br. The north & the|bone knives into the |lot of people devote |

|west of England are |figures of animals. We |their free time to |

|mountainous, but all |know that Egyptians & |hobbies. A hobby is |

|the rest of the |Babylonians planned & |smth. , to which a |

|territory is a vast |built wonderful |person chooses to give |

|plain. The chief rivers|buildings many yeas |time & energy & which |

|of England are the |ago. They decorated |he is interesting in. |

|Severn & the Thames. |their clothes & |Hobbies differ like |

|The Thames flows |pottery. What people |tastes. If you have |

|through L. & makes it a|find around them has a |chosen a hobby |

|large seaport. There |great deal to do with |according to your |

|are many ports in |how they try to bring |character & taste you |

|England including |beauty into their |are lucky because your |

|Bristol Liverpool L. |houses & lives. North |life becomes more |

|England is famous for |people carve beautiful |interesting. H. are |

|its cities for example,|figures out of the |divided into 4 large |

|Starford upon-Avon & |ivory & from walrus |groups: doing things, |

|Oxford. Starford |tusks. But they don’t |making things, |

|upon-Avon is the |plan & built big & |collecting things & |

|birthplace of great W. |wonderful buildings. In|learning things. The |

|Shakespeare. Oxford is |the same time the |most popular of all |

|famous for its |Indians of the American|hobby groups is doing |

|university. In the |southwest make silver |things. It includes a |

|northwest of E. there |jewelry set with |wide variety of |

|are many beautiful |turquoise. All art’s |activities everything |

|lakes called Lake |works are alike in one |from gardening to |

|District. The Southwest|way. They all have some|traveling. Making |

|is a highly populated |kind of design. Artist |things includes |

|region of E. London is |in his work often |drawing, painting, |

|a capital of Gr. Br. & |express some |making sculpture, |

|such historical cities |deep-feelings. It can |handicrafts. Almost |

|as Windom, Dover & |be sorrow fear joy. It |everyone collects |

|Brighton are situated |may a love of country |something at some |

|here. |or nature. It may be a |period in his life. |

|The southwest is the |feeling of calm & |Some collections have |

|region where the main |excitement, too. The |no real value. Others |

|activity is farming. |work of art should give|become some so large & |

|Although, there are |the person who sees or |sovaluable that they |

|some very big farms. |listens it the same |are housed in museums &|

|Most of them are small |feelings. As for me my |galleries. No matter |

|family farms. The s-w. |favorite kind of art is|what kind of hobby a |

|used to be known for |painting. A revival of |person has he always |

|its pirates. The |art began in Italy & |has the opportunity of |

|romantic past makes it |spread to other |learning from it. By |

|a popular place for |countries. During the |reading about the |

|artists, writers & |Renaisance there were |things he is |

|holidaymakers. Bristol |more great artists than|interesting in he is |

|& Bath are 2 principal |the world had never had|adding to what he |

|cities of the region. |before. The painters of|knows. Learning things |

|The most westerly point|Ren-ce tried to make |can be the most exiting|

|of Gr. Br. Lands End is|things look real. Some |aspect of a hobby. To |

|also in the S-w. East |were noted for |my mind pastime should |

|Anglia is very flat & |beautiful line, some |be spend usefully. It |

|it is another farming |for form, some for |can help us to be |

|region. It has |perspective. The |useful for the good of |

|beautiful cities with |painters of Kenice |our motherland & the |

|fine historic buildings|became noted for their |people, to understand |

|such as Cambridge. The |brilliant colors. Some |life better, to have |

|north of E. has some of|artists have painted in|good health. As for me |

|the wildest & loneliest|fresco & tempera. Some |my free time depends on|

|parts of the busiest |have used water-colors |the aim of live the |

|industrial cities. This|or oils. Painters have |outlook of look, |

|part of the country is |worked out many ways of|spirital interests, |

|rich in coal, which is |painting. |attitude to nature & |

|important for the | |bringing up. That’s why|

|region’s industry. | |my spare time is time |

| | |to train for a future |

| | |occupation to take up a|

| | |hobby to take a rest to|

| | |go on a picnic. |

|Russia. R. Is our |My close friend. |FamilyRelations. The |

|motherland. It is one |Acording to Oxford |family trdition is lost|

|of the largest |dictionary the word |for a lot of people. & |

|countries in the world.|friendship means the |it is one of the |

|It’s area is about 17 |relationship between 2 |reasons why most of |

|mln. sq. kms. More than|or more people. I |people have no sence of|

|150 million people of |should say this |family honour & pride. |

|different nationalities|relationship is based |A group of people who |

|live in R.In |on natural respect, |have the same name & |

|thewestR.bordersonFinla|common interests & |sit together in front |

|nd, Ukrain, Byelarus, |tastes, common hobbies.|of a TV set is not yet |

|Moldova & Baltic |A friend is a person |a family. Every year |

|states. In the south it|with whom you may be |more then 1 mln. |

|borders on Kazakhstan, |sencire before him you |Families break up. Many|

|Mongolia, China & the |can think aloud. I’ve |young families have |

|Korean people republic.|got a friend too. Her |material difficulties. |

|The Artic ocean & the |name is Ann. We got |As a result young |

|Baltic sea wash the |acquanted 5 years ago &|couples often have to |

|country in the north, |since there we have |rely on the assistance |

|in the east it is |never parted. Ann looks|of their parents. The |

|washed by the Pacific |ayyractive ican say |housing shortage is |

|ocean. The Urals divide|that she is charming. |another problem of many|

|R. into the European & |She has slender neck & |young families. Most |

|Asian sections. The |holds her head high. |young people don’t wish|

|Asian section includes |This girl wears her |to live together with |

|Siberia & the Far East.|flaxen hear short, Her |their parents after |

|The Volga is the |face is angular |they got married but |

|largest R-an river, |delicate features. Her |about half of them have|

|which flows in the |nose is snub & her lips|to do this. As a result|

|European part of the |are full & well-cut. |these young people have|

|country. The longest |She has striking big |no necessary experience|

|river in the Asian part|blue eyes. We are of |in family life. They |

|is the Lena. The |the same ages & have |don’t know: how to run |

|deepest lake in Asia & |much in common. We have|a household, how to |

|in Europe is lake |common interests, |manage the family |

|Baikal. It is the |common points of views,|budget, how to bring up|

|largest fresh water |common hobbies & tastes|children. The revival |

|lake in the world. The |but we are different in|of the family should |

|country has an |character. Ann is |start with the |

|extremely varied |modest devoted & |restoration of its |

|climate. The duration |sincere. I trust her& |traditions. In my |

|of winter & summer vary|she trusts me. She has |opinion family is one |

|in different regions. |good manners & is |of the most imprtant |

|Most of the R-an |attentive to other |things in our life. |

|territory is flat but |people. We help each |Almoust all our life we|

|it is mountains in the |other in difficult |live within a family. |

|east. R. is rich in |situations. Ann is |My family isn’t very |

|natural resources. It |resposible for her |large, it consits of...|

|has large reserve of |words & actions & never|My father is very kind,|

|oil, n. Gas, coal, |forgets to keep her |but sometimes strict. |

|iron, gold, silver & |promise. I can rely on |My mother is very busy |

|other minerals. M. Is |my friend in any |she works a lot. She is|

|the capital of R. |situation. I appriciate|very communicable & |

|Russia is a |such qualities of Ann’s|energetic woman. My |

|parlamentary republic. |character as frankness,|sister is very witty |

|Head of state in our |sincerity, |with good sence of |

|country is a president.|thoghtfullness, |humor. I like to spend |

|The Government consists|kindness & generosity. |my free time with her. |

|of 3 branches: |Our parents approve our|But I know that a lot |

|legislative, executive |friendship. I often |of families have |

|& judicial, The leg. |visit Ann’s family & |problems. I think that |

|Power is exersid by the|admire how friendly |people can hope with |

|Federal Assembly, which|they are. I like the |these problems if the |

|consists of 2 ch3mbers:|warm atmosphere which |family is friendly. If,|

|the council of |exists in their family.|members of the family |

|fderation & the state |My friend feels |help & support each |

|duma. The executive |affection for her |other. |

|power belongs to the |parents & love them | |

|government. The judical|tenderly. To tell the | |

|power belongs to the |truth I can’t imagine | |

|system of courts. |my life without my | |

| |friend Ann. | |

|English. Language |Sakhalin is the biggest|SCHOOL. I’m a citizen |

|belongs to each of us. |island in R. S is |of R & have the right |

|Every one uses words. |situated close to the |to education which is |

|There are not less than|eastern coast of Asian |guaranted by the |

|3 thousand living |mainland. It stretches |constitution & enshured|

|languages on our |from north to south. |by the broad |

|planet. The interest to|The island is 948kms |development of |

|foreign languages has |long. In the north & in|compulsory secondary |

|greatly increased in |the east S is washed by|education vocational |

|recent years. There are|the cold waters of the |specialized secondary |

|many reasons why people|sea of Okhotsk. In the |& higher education. I |

|undertake the study of |west & south-west the |started school at the |

|foreign language. More |island is washed by the|age of 7. It is a |

|than 750 million people|warm sea of J. S is |specialized English |

|all over the world use |separated from the |school. It became a |

|English. English is the|mainland by the Tatar |gymnasium a year ago. |

|main language of |strait & the Nev. |The primary school |

|business. So it is for |Channel. The surface of|curriculum included R. |

|sport: the official |it’s territory is |M. E. Dr. M. Pt & |

|language of the |covered with middle |Nature lessons. Schools|

|Olympics. Sometimes |mountains. In the |in R. are generally |

|English is a computer |eastern part of the |controlled by the |

|language. I think it is|island Zap-s mountains |government. Recently |

|one of the richest |are situated. The |they got some |

|language. I have been |highest mountain is |independence. Now each |

|learning Eng. For |mountain Lopatina. It |school is free to |

|almost 7 years. I learn|is 1609 m high. In the |choose subjects to be |

|eng for half an hour 6 |suburbs of Y-S Chekov |taught beyond a core |

|times a week. English |peak is situated. The |curriculum. So we have |

|grammar isn’t very |largest lowlands are |History & comp. Prog. |

|difficult. I think we |the S. & M lowlands. |lessons from the 5th |

|should understand it & |The climate in S is |form in our school. |

|all will be O.K. I know|monsoon. It is |There is no uniform |

|that grammar is a |characterized by cold |now. Classes last 40 |

|foundation of any |winters & cool rainy |min. As a rule pupils |

|language. One of the |summers. About a |go to school 6 times a |

|problems for learners |hundred cyclones pass |week. After 3 years of |

|of eng is phrasal |over the island |primary school classes |

|verbs. I have problems |annually bringing with |I went on to secondary |

|learning new words & |them winds & cloudy |school. Primary & |

|idioms. I think idioms |weather with |secondary school |

|are very difficult too.|precipitation. The |together comprise 11 |

|I know the English |typhoons bring to S |years of study. 9years |

|intonation is awful. I |strong winds & heavy |of classes are |

|mean, I think it is the|precipitation. The |compulsory. At school |

|most difficult part of |warmest part of the |we have classes in R, |

|pronanciation, because |island is it |L, M, B, G, Physics, |

|if you get it wrong |southwestern coast. In |Ch, E, H, C-pr, PT |

|people think you’re |the north the climate |lessons. My favorite |

|rude. I find reading |is severe. Forests |subject is English. Our|

|very helpful for people|cover 2- thirds of the |school is 3-storied |

|who just beginning to |S territory. Wide |building. On the ground|

|learn eng. People |variety of animals |floor there are |

|should… & other |inhabits S. Marine |administrative offices,|

|periodicals. If they |fauna is especially |workshops, a canteen, a|

|want to know eng they |variet. S is rich in |home economies room, |

|can listening to pop |natural & mineral |comp classes, a |

|music, but people must |resources. S can |cloakroom. On the 1st |

|know that some songs |literatury called a |floor there are a large|

|have such silly words. |treasure island. In |assembly hall, a gym, |

| |fact almost all the |classes of primary |

|Learning a foreign |elements of Medeleev’s |school. On the 2nd |

|language isn’t a easy |Periodic Table can be |floor there are P, Ch &|

|thing. It is a long & |found in its depths & |biology labs. We |

|slow process that takes|the island & its |usually have a lot of |

|a lot of time & |surrounding coastal |homework & it take me |

|efforts. I hope that my|shelf are also rich in |several hours to do it.|

|future will be connect |oil & natural gas as |I like my class. I |

|with English. |well as coal. Ecology |always feel at home |

|. |problems: using of coal|here. I am on good |

| |makes, the pollution of|terms with my class |

| |air; cutting forests |masters & we often |

| |has an influence on |spend our free time |

| |spanning rivers; |together. I want to say|

| |problems deal with |that after the 9th form|

| |transporting oil. |I must take 5 |

| | |examinations in… But to|

| | |enter a university it |

| | |is necessary to study 2|

| | |years more & take 6 |

| | |examinations on |

| | |fishining the 11th |

| | |form. |

| |Family. In my opinion |Y-S… Y-S is situated in|

| |family is one of the |the broad & beautiful |

| |most imprtant things in|valley of the Susuya R.|

| |our life. Almoust all |In the coast the city |

| |our life we live within|is enclosed by the |

| |a family. My family |Susunay m, in the west |

| |isn’t very large, it |it is surrounded by the|

| |consits of... Also we |Mitsulsky Ridge. In the|

| |have a dog, called |suburbs of Y-S Chekov |

| |Jack. My father is 45 |Peak & Bolshevic m. are|

| |years old. He is an |situated. Y-S is a |

| |engineer. He works in |modern city with the |

| |the office of an |population of about 170|

| |American engineering |thousand people. There |

| |company. He is always |are some plants & |

| |busy. He has very |factories in it. Y-S is|

| |little free time. In my|a cultural centre. |

| |opinion he is a |There are many schools,|

| |handsome man of medium |colleges, cinema-houses|

| |height & strong build |& libraries in it. The |

| |with a bronzed face. |museum of Local lore… |

| |His dark brown hairs is|The house of was built |

| |just begining to go |in 1937 by the Jap. It |

| |grey. My mother is 42 |is an unique example of|

| |years old but she is |the J, architecture. |

| |very pleasant looking |The park…The tourist |

| |woman. She is an |center G.V. is situated|

| |engineer too. By |on the slopes of the |

| |character my father is |Bolsh.M. It’s the point|

| |a quet man while my |to get a good view of |

| |mother is an energetic |Y-S. Victory Sq… The |

| |& active. My sister’s |monuments to… are |

| |name is Katya. She is |situated in tree public|

| |24 years old. Like |garden along Sakh. |

| |mother Katya has blue |Street. They remind of |

| |eyes & fair hair. My |those who were the 1st |

| |sister looks attractive|to explore S. There is |

| |I can say that she is |a m. to Checkov in |

| |charming. My name is |front of the Regional |

| |Alexandra, Sasha for |library. In 1890 he |

| |short. I’m a pupil of |visited S. & write a |

| |the 9th grade. I’m well|book about it. |

| |at schhol & get only | |

| |good & exelent marks. | |

| |My favorite subject is | |

| |chemistry & I want to | |

| |pass it on exem. In | |

| |future I want to be a | |

| |dantist. My family is | |

| |very united. We like to| |

| |spend time together. In| |

| |the evenings we watch | |

| |TV read books listen to| |

| |the music or just talk | |

| |about the events of the| |

| |day | |


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