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Kurzeme Leasure Hotels

Kurzeme Leasure Hotels

City of Ventspils[pic]

Ventspils is the sixth largest city of Latvia. Latvia is located in the

eastern part of Europe by the Baltic Sea. Latvia borders on Estonia to the

north, Russian Federation to the east, Belarus to the south-east, and

Lithuania to the south. The territory of Latvia occupies 64.6 thousand km2.

There are more than 2.5 million inhabitants in Latvia, 55 % of whom are

Latvians. The capital of Latvia is Riga.

Ventspils is located in the north-west of Latvia at the estuary of the

river Venta into the Baltic Sea. A distance of 189 km separates Ventspils

from the capital of Latvia.[pic] [pic] Transport is the leading sphere of

economy and the basis of economic and social development of the city. Most

of the residents are employed by the enterprises related to the

transshipment, storage and transit of cargoes, as well as by companies

servicing Ventspils Free Port.[pic]


Car rental

The city’s car rentals offer cars of different brands and at different

prices. The car rental Eurocar is located at the restaurant Vilnis, one of

the biggest hotel at another side of river Venta, the second car rental is

in J?kaba street in the direction of Kuld?ga.

Gas stations

The modern gas stations are located in close vicinity on the way to Riga –

Statoil and Shell, and on the way to Kuld?ga – Lukoil.

Taxi (calling, parking lots)

In Ventspils several taxi firms run their business and provide quality

services. Mercedes brand taxi mini-buses operate throughout the city, one

ticket costs LVL 0.25. Passengers may request to get off it wherever they

want. Taxi mini-buses operate intensely from 5 a.m. till midnight, but

during holidays till half past one in the morning.

Parking lots

Cars may be parked at the road sides in the specially designed parking

places, where they do not impede the traffic. However, there are several

paid parking lots offering their services as well.


Bus transport provides convenient inter-city traffic. The new Mercedes

buses, that mostly are used in the route Ventspils-Riga, meet modern

requirements and are equipped with air-conditioners, audio, TV and video.

On the half way to Riga the bus stops at the River Abava and passengers can

have some refreshments and fresh air. The traffic between Riga and

Ventspils is very intensive. Every hour it’s one bus to the capital of


City Description[pic]

Ventspils has seen tremendous changes in many spheres during the last ten

years. With the completion of the renovation works the Old City, many parks

and squares have regained their former beauty. The City Council has created

favourable conditions for the renovation of private dwellings. Large sums

of money are allotted each year to the maintenance of the city environment

and to the upgrading of the living standard of the residents.[pic] Because

also the Leasure and Hospitality spheres are highly developed.


Transport is dominant in the economy of Ventspils and employs the majority

of the residents. It functions as the basis of economic and social

development of the city. There are ancient traditions of fishery and

woodworking in Ventspils. A number of private companies active in fishery

and fish processing offer fresh, salted, smoked, canned and frozen products

both to local and export markets.

Chipboards, saw material and furniture are the basic kinds of production in

wood-working, and the largest part of production is exported. The

construction boom of the last years in Ventspils has promoted the expansion

of existing producers of construction materials, as well as the

establishment of new firms.

The Ventspils airport renovation project and discussions on the

construction of an oil processing plant in Venstpils have been


Ventspils Development Agency [pic]

As a developed port city and a place for successful business Ventspils has

entered international competition side by side with similar cities in the

world. The Ventspils Development Agency was founded by the business

organisations of Ventspils and the Ventspils City Council in February of

1998 in order to coordinate the publicity of the city and to implement its

marketing strategy.

The main spheres of activity of the Agency:-implementation of the city

marketing strategy;-study of the supply and demand structure of Ventspils

as a place for business;-local and international publicity of the city and

its economical and social partners; -standing up for the interests and

needs of Ventspils and its economic and social partners in local and

international institutions of the state and in the private sector.



A lot has been done in Ventspils during the last years to develop a rich

cultural life in the city. Different cultural activities of local and

international significance regularly take place in the city. The regional

Ventspils College has been created and the Old City, Ventspils Castle and

other historical objects have been renovated.

Regular theatre performances, concerts, different theme activities and

conferences take place at the Cultural Centre and the Recreation Centre

Juras Varti.( Sea Gates )

The cultural life of the city has also become very active. Various local

and international events, opera performances, concerts and art exhibitions

take place in Ventspils more and more frequently.

9 secondary schools and several professional educational establishments are

functioning in the city. Higher education can be acquired in Ventspils

College, the local branch of Riga Technical University, the branch of the

Russian Institute in the Baltics, and the branch of the Riga Pedagogical

and Educational Management School.

There are diverse recreation opportunities for the residents and guests of

Ventspils. One can visit museums and see historical objects and other

interesting places in the city and its vicinity in order to study the

history and development of Ventspils. In a 20 minutes walk from the city

centre one can find oneself on the sandy beach of the Baltic Sea. Sports

enthusiasts can enjoy sports in modern sports buildings – a stadium, many

sports clubs and the Olympic sports hall, completed in 1997, that

accomodates 3000 spectators.

Centre Amateur Art

There are 14 different ethnic and cultural societies functioning in

Ventspils. People of most different generations have engaged in very many

amateur art groups– choirs, dance groups, folklore groups, studios of

handicrafts and even two orchestras. The residents and guests of Ventspils

can study the history and culture of Ventspils and the vicinity by visiting

different: the renovated Ventspils Livonian Order Castle, Ventspils Museum,

Ventspils Maritime Open-Air Museum, and the Memorial Museum of the Writer

Herbert Dorbe.




Ventspils has two 3-star hotels with a high level of servicing, convenient

parking lots and restaurants. The hotel Dzintarj?ra is located in the city

centre and has tourist-friendly prices. Services at the other hotel Vilnis,

which is located in P?rventa, are more business people-oriented.

|Hotels |Address |Phone |Price |Type |Rooms |Services |

| | | | | | | |

|“Vilnis”**|5 Talsu |36 |No 19.00 Ls |1;2 |75 |Restaurant, bar, currency |

|* |str, |68880 |(room) |single | |exchange, car rent, |

| |Ventspils | | |lukss | |barber’s |

|“Dzintarj?|25 Gan?bu |36 |30 – 120 Ls |1;2 |156 |Private saunas, |

|ra”*** |str, |22719 |(room) |place | |restaurants |

| |Ventspils | | |lukss | | |

Guest houses

Guest house R?te is located in the very centre of Old Ventspils and

corresponds to the level of youth hostels. Motel/guest house Le?i is

situated 13 km off Ventspils on Ventspils-Kuld?ga highway close to the

Venta. It offers the following facilities: boat rental, water bicycles, a

bath house, a small shop, fishing on the river Venta.

|Hotels |Address |Phone |Price |Type |Rooms |Services |

|Guest | | | | | | |

|houses | | | | | | |

|“R?te” |Annas str |36 |4 – 12 Ls |1;2;3;4 |27 |Bar, guide driver services |

| |13, |24777 | | | | |

| |Ventspils | | | | | |

|“Le?u |V?rves |36 |10 – 25 Ls |2;3 |13 |Cafй, waterbikes, boats |

|krodzi??” |pag. |98746 |room |places | |rent |

|“Pulkvedis|Pulkve?a |9250369|7 Ls |4 places|4 |Celebration apartaments, |

|” |str 27, | |night | | |possibility room service |

| |Ventspils | | | | | |

|“Ir?i” |Piltenes |9180567|5 Ls ( |2 |12 |Celebretion apartaments, |

| |pag. | |pers.) 20 Ls|-places | |hunting |

| | | |sauna | | | |

|“Pagrabi??|Popes pag.|9120707|20 Ls room |2;3 |6 |Celebretion apartaments, |

|” |“K?avas” | | |placesi | |bar, sauna |

Camps and camping facilities

Ventspils is surrounded by great recreation facilities for nature lovers.

Several camps are set up at a picturesque place near Lake Usma. Liepene is

located at the seaside. The camps offer a variety of recreational

activities, including participation in sea fishing with nets.

|Hotels |Address |Phone |Price |Type |Rooms |Services |

|KEMPINGS |and TENT |PLACES | | | | |

|“Liepene” |T?rgales |36 |2.50 – 3.50 |da??di |92 |sauna, fishing |

| |pag. |92223 |Ls | | | |

|“Dz?tari” |Usmas pag.|36 |15 -20 Ls |6 PLACE | |Boat rent, swimming, |

| | |73759 |(HOME) | | |volleyball place. |

|“Vect?ruk?|Usmas pag.|36 |2-2.50 Ls |2 PLACE |101 |Boats, water bicykles, |

|i” | |73623 | | | |tents |

|“Ausek?i” |Usmas pag.|36 |2 Ls (place)|DIFERENT|20 |volleyball place, fire |

| | |73630 | | | |place, |

|“Upama?nie|U?avas |36 |1 Ls |2 PLACE |2 |Boats, water bicycles, |

|ki |pag. |26321 |(tent place)| |+tent|tents |

| | | | | |s | |

|“Me?malas”|Usmas pag.|9341582|5 - 6 Ls |DIFFEREN|30 |Boat rent, swimming, |

| | | |(house) |T | |volleyball place. |

|“Z?tari” |J?rkalnes |36 |8 Ls (house)|3 PLACE |6 |Food services, Boat rent, |

| |pag. |97190 | | | |swimming, volleyball place.|

| | | |2 Ls tent | | | |

| | | |place | | | |

|“Za?i” |J?rkalnes |36 |2.50 Ls |8;4 |15 |Sauna, boat rent, fishing |

| |pag. |97139 |(place) |PLACE | |and another |

| | | |2 Ls tent | | | |

| | | |place | | | |

|“Lejas” |Popes pag.|9360225|0.50 Ls |TENT PLACE | |Boats, water bicykles, |

| | | | | | |tents |

|“Atp?tniek|J?rkalne |36 |0.50 – 0.70 |TENT PLACE | |Boat rent, swimming, |

|s” | |97181 |Ls | | |volleyball place. |

|“Strazdi?i|Usmas pag.|36 |0.50 Ls |TENT PLACE | | Swimming possibility, boat|

|” | |73694 | | | |rent, fishing. |

| | |9125416| | | | |

|“Ozoldanga|Usmas pag.|36 |1.00 Ls |TENT PLACE | |Tents, different sport |

|s” | |74710 | | | |equipment |

|“Ozoli” |Z?ras, |36 |0.50 Ls |TENT PLACE | |boats and fishing equipment|

| |V?rves |97529 | | | |rent |

| |pag. | | | | | |

|Piej?ras |Ventspils,|36 |Ls 10; Ls |64 PLACES IN | |Tent rent, bicycle rent, |

|kempings |Vasarn?cu |27991 |20; |HOUSE, TENT | |fire places, kitchen and |

| |iela 56 | |Tent rent: |PLACES | |another |

| | | |Ls 1.50 | | | |

Country houses

Several country houses in Ventspils vicinity offer accommodation with

breakfast, a bath house and recreation in nature.

|Country | | | | | | |

|houses | | | | | | |

|“Ozoli” |Bl?zma, |36 |5 -8 Ls |2 place |8 |Fishing, sauna, boats rent |

| | |75398 |(room) | | | |

|“Egl?ji” |J?rkalnes |36 |4 – 10 Ls |1;2;3 |20 |Fishing, sauna, boats rent,|

| |pag. |97187 |(personal) |place | |tents place, |

|“Mui?kalni|J?rkalnes |36 |8 Ls (place |4 place |4 |Sauna, food services |

|” |pag. |97124 |with | | | |

| | | |breakfast ) | | | |

|“Kal?ji” |Zl?ku pag.|6521659|2.50 Ls |2 place |8 |Boats rent, fire place, |

| | | |(place | | |sauna |

|“Balo?kaln|Puzes pag.|36 |30 Ls (with |2 place |4 |food services, boats rent, |

|i” | |74580 |sauna) | | |fire place, sauna |

| | |9361792| | | | |

|“L??i” |J?rkalnes |9364347|9 Ls |differen|8 |Sauna, introduction with |

| |pag. | |(place with |t | |different places |

| | |2990395|breakfast | | | |



Out-door entertainment

At sunny week-ends local residents and visitors of Ventspils like to walk

down Ostas street along the River Venta; other popular places are the

fountain “Boats of The Sun” and the tidy and modern city centre. During

summers the most popular spot is the city beach, that has been awarded the

Blue Flag. The city parks and squares are nice places for having a chat.

Some people might love to have good time at the skate-park, but children

gather at the Children’s Town (the Children’s Recreation park).


The city theatre company is 20 actors and actresses. The most outstanding

productions have been Alice in Wonderland by L. Carroll, Chairs by Eigen

Junesco, Macbeth, etc.


A popular museum in the city is the Open-air museum with its most

remarkable exhibit - the functioning Little Train, especially beloved by

Ventspils’ guests. In summers this is the place for various cultural

events. School children and local writers often visit the Memorial Museum

of the writer Herberts Dorbe. Ventspils Museum of History and Arts holds

exhibitions of local and visiting Latvian and foreign artists.


The cinema Rio in Old Ventspils holds different events for young people:

teen discotheques and parties for students.


The most popular dance clubs are Livonija and Kurzeme, that are located in

the city centre where it is easy to park the car or use services of the

adjacent taxi parking lots. The clubs offer delicious and substantial

meals. Prices are very low and many young peoples visit thiese clubs.

Game and Gambling clubs

The most popular gambling clubs are Melnais ka?is (Black cat), Bumerangs,

Klondaika and J?rnieku klubs (Seamen club). Visitors may listen to music,

have some drink and play billiards or darts. For those who prefer bowling

Ventspils offers the bowling club and the restaurant ?pis. Different

competitions and events are organised at game and gambling clubs.



Just at the very bank of the River Venta the nice restaurant ?pis is

located, where visitors may play some bowling on the ground floor, and

dance at week-ends. A classic restaurant Vilnis is located in the hotel’s

premises on the right bank of the Venta. Kurzeme is a restaurant that won

the first award of the previous-year competition on the best restaurant. It

offers disco dancing. The restaurant Kr?ta, MG in the Seamen’s

Entertainment Centre, after a substantial meal offers a play of billiard or

dancing in its lovely atmosphere. The special interior design of the

restaurant Dzintarj?ra reveals the closeness of the sea. Good meals are

offered also at the restaurant Olivers.

Bars and Pubs

A popular student spot is the bar Cits Ostgals, where the jovial waiter

offers also the special brand of U?ava beer and garlic toasts. An intimate

atmosphere is in the small bar Landora in the city centre. Recently a new

bar was opened in the culture centre J?ras v?rti (Sea gate) with live music


Cafes and bistros

The cafe Kika, located in the city centre, lures in all coffee and cake

lovers. It is also a calm place for a private chat or just for spoiling

your kids with some sweets. The cafй K?pa, which is located in P?rventa, is

an appropriate place for a refreshment together with friends



Many local residents of Ventspils prefer shopping in the big shopping

centres which are located in the most intense housing. One of the most

popular shopping centres Di?na, is located at Ventspils College near the 9-

storey block houses; the shopping centre K?pa is on the right bank of the

Venta. Before travelling round Ventspils district, it is advisable to do

shopping in these shopping centres, as the range of goods supplied in the

shops outside Ventspils is not so wide. The rest part of the city,

especially its central part, is spotted by various small shops.


Ventspils has several under-roof markets with a wide range of goods sold at

comparatively low prices. The market in the Old Town is especially busy and

offers the widest range of goods on Saturday mornings while on the week

days it is open only till the noon. The market offers fresh food, meat and

fish products, vegetables, fruit, honey, etc. During fairs traders from all

the regions of Latvia and also Lithuania gather in the market of the Old



Tourism Agencies

Along with Ventspils Tourism Information Centre also several tourism

agencies offer their services which include guiding round Ventspils,

sightseeing tours, excursions, visas and insurance, air and ferry tickets.

The tourism agency Ventspils Excursion Bureau is located on the Town Square

in the very centre of Old Ventspils, but the tourism agency Tobago is

located in the city centre.


Ventspils Tourism Information Centre provides all the information on

tourism. Other information about the municipality may be obtained at

different municipal institutions.


Ventspils sister-city in Sweden is Vesterviik. Both cities have established

close contacts and co-operate in different spheres.

For visitors

For Latvia visitors now I think is very good time. Our inhabitants are very

frendly and most part of them knows English. If tourists needs to find some

place or to know about something, latvian will help them.

Also Tourism Information Centre are highly developed last few years. In

airports, stations, and in every hotel or guest house tourists will recieve

necessary information about a city and Latvia.

No problems in association between foreign and local peoples.

Welcome in LATVIA!

Source of information

1. : Internet: tourism@ventspils.lv ; www.Ventspils.tourism.lv.

2. Ventspils city guide booklet

3. Information in Hotels and camping

4. Torism information centre ( Tirgus iela 7, Ventspils. tel./fakss 36 222

63 )


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